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Management Report to Puteri’s Pearl Jewellery


1.        The online environment


1.1    Company profile


Figure 1 Puteri’s Pearl Jewellery new series of ear rings


With the increasing competition in the jewellery retailing market, our business has also encountered challenges in expanding its business scale as well as sustaining the current business size due to a number of reasons, this report will try to exhibit to your another way out of the current difficulties: found an online shop, though e-business is often considered as an ideal dream, in this report we will explain our e-business through a number of e-marketing strategies from the getting of a domain name to the professional search engine optimization (SEO) to show you how a good concept and idea could be put into real action for your reference to make a critical decision to our business. And obviously our new e-business is relying on new jewelries designed by our talented Puteri, above is the recent jewelry the she makes. Beautiful, is it?


1.2    Purposes of this report


Our target of setting up the online business is to focus on the revenue generation as well as brand development. First of all, we are doing for profit business, our online sector which is based on the current physical business, it must be arranged in such a way that it could generate profit for our overall business, whether it is through a direct way such as increasing online order or act as channel of brand promotion which is the second major objective of our business: brand development. According to Alan Charlesworth (2009, p. 28), brand development happens where the online presence compliments and enhances the offline branding efforts of the organization. Because online shopping has become a more and more important channel for customer to get to know our brand as well as our quality products, the secondary target of our online shop will be to enhance the brand development.


1.3    Online buyer behavior model


Stage of buying cycle Customer behaviors & Role of the internet Application in our business
Problem recognition Potential customers’ need will provoked by visiting some pages containing information that stimulate the needs Many customers may think about looking for some jewelries when they see some photos about the new stylish jewelries
Information search Search engines such as Google provide the greatest assistance in this stage Search engine advertising and useful key words could be of great help
Evaluation of alternatives Internet based comparisons Better offers and content should be provided by us, promotion such as discount could be offered
Purchase decision Many factors need to be considered in this stage such as online payment safety issues Consulting service could be provide to customers
Post-purchasing behavior Online customer service & trouble shooting We can provide contact number as well as the shop address to the customers for further assistance

Table 1 Online buyer behavior & what we can do in each stage


2.        Getting started online


2.1    Domain name


Domain namerefers to the character identification of hierarchical structure that identifies and locates a computer on the Internet and corresponds to the IP address (Badgley 2003). In our case, we will use the domain name of as the main domain name that we will put in all the publications, though this name is long in length but it is easy to understand as well as remember. In order to protect our domain name, we will also register several similar domain names such as and and customers who visit our website will be redirected to the main direct name and this will help them to remember the major domain name that we try to market to our customers.


2.2    Outsourced tasks


Obviously we can not do every job by ourselves which is also not effective because we need to focus on the value added jobs we are good at. Therefore, some jobs are better to be outsourced by the various professional talents. There are two kinds of such jobs that we plan to outsource: the first job is the hosting of the website which refers to the jobs needed to make the website available to the end customers technically, what is more we do not have such professional talents to handle the hosting which is also unnecessary for a current small business like ours; the second job that is going to be outsource is the marketing research which is aiming at find out the online customers’ behaviors regarding how they make up the decision to purchase jewelries online and what kind of styles that they may tend to prefer.


2.3    Offline promotion


Traditional marketing is also referred to as “offline marketing”. There are two major kid of offline promotion that we may use. The first offline promotion is the print advertisement that we can focus on by paying to show our designed print advertisement on the local major magazine and newspapers. The second offline promotion that we will engage is brochures that we had been giving to the customer daily, we can add our online shop address into the brochures and encourage them to shop online.



3.        Website development


3.1    The content development

Regarding the choice of the content format, after visiting similar stylish websites which are also engaging in the jewelry design and online selling business, we have come to the decision that we will adopt the flash format in the whole website, in another word the whole website will be a complete flash that will be watched by the customers. Obviously, the flash format website does not necessarily mean that customers only watch the flash; customers could still press the buttons to see what they may be interested about. There are two major advantage of using the flash technology to make up the whole website: firstly, it stops the competitors or other websites from copy and paste of our original content because the text inside flash could be made like a photo and can’t be copy technically; secondly, pages will be more vivid and photo, audio and also video content could be added into the flash to make the content look more attractive.


3.2    The global web exhibition


Language choices would make the website more international and therefore attract oversea customers. Our default language is English which means that the first page that customers would see will be written in English with other options provided that are in other major languages such as Malay, Chinese and Japanese. Due to the resource limitation, we will begin with English and Malay only while version in other languages will be prepared later while we observed such needs. And in term of the size of our site’s content, considering the fact that the majority of the countries in the world tend to favor the A4 size, the only difference happens in the United States, we will choose the A4 size to meet the needs of the majority and thus create global web exhibition. Another point that we have actually talked about which will contribute to the global presence is that we focus on choosing the domain name ending with .com, which is widely accepted in the world.


3.3    Management of the website


With time passes, there will be some problems about the management of the website that may arise. Here talk about two of them that we need to concentrate on. First of all, out of date contents and material could mislead the customers and also make them feel that our website is not professional believe that our site is a junk site that only attraction clicks. Therefore we need to keep these pages up to date and keep informing the customers about our most recent news. And for those materials being achieved in history, we can actually make a remark about the time of material issued and remark them as historical material or archived materials. A second problem is about the off -site links which are being put in other sites to attract potential customers, usually in term of various advertising, should be check about their connectivity from time to time to ensure that these links are working fine and contribute to the increasing flow of customers.


3.4    Law related concerns


As a matter of fact, we already have our own lawyer service that we have in cooperation with for a long time for our jewelry shop, as we known, it is not rare that legal disputes or even domain name deputes would happen with the growth of our internet business, legal service is necessary to avoid being infringed by other unfriendly parties and companies as well as handling disputes while they appear, therefore we will require our current legal service consultant to extend their protection to our internet business which should not be too much of a problem.



4.        B2C online presence


There are three major kind of online retailers: pure-play, bricks and clicks and niche operators. While pure-play means that there will only be online business without any supporting physical outlets, bricks and clicks is a business model by which a company integrates both offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presences (Daniels 2011, p. 17) and niche player will favor a niche market while at the same time could be similar to either pure-play or bricks and clicks. As in our online business, we have targeted the high income online customers as our market segment to be concentrated on; hence we will adopt the online presence using the niche player mode. We use the niche market player business strategy for two major considerations:


On one hand, because we are about to sell the self designed jewelries online, this would incur high labor cost to make newly designed jewelries and hence we can not sell them in a very low price which will squeeze our profit making. On the other hand, as suggested in Porter’s Generic Strategies which include cost leadership, differentiation, and focus strategies, a company needs to clearly defined its competitive strategy to win the competition in the market (Stonehouse & Campbell 2004), based on this view because cost leadership is not an option as just said and also large coverage in the jewelry market using differentiation would also be impractical according to our current resource and limitation in the labor force as well as the business scale. As a result, niche market player would be the best choice for us.


5.        Search engine optimization (SEO)


Search engine optimization refers to a subset of search engine marketing targeting at improving the number and quality of visitors to a website from natural search results (Kaushik 2007). Search engines (like Google and Yahoo!) create their own databases by periodically using indexing programs based on which ranking will be done if a key word is searched. Factors to be taken into consideration that will affect the ranking of the index include: site age, amount of content, number/quality of inbound links and also popularity trends (DeBolt 2010). Below we will provide some strategies to our online shop business to make our self designed jewelries as well as our website easier to be found by search engines. Below we will talk about several key factors


5.1    Amount of content


Content is considered to be important from the search engine’s perspective because it helps enhance the users’ experience (Trika 2010, p. 25) and this is important because if the information is not comprehensive and not useful, the search engine will lose their business. At the beginning we will focus on the amount of the content before we can later move on to improve the quality of the information or page. A large amount of content is a must in order to direct sufficient traffic from the search engine because more content will mean more key words available on the search engine to be looked for. To do this, we need to make some amendments to our flash based website to include some text content which could be copied from other websites, such copied contents could make up the large parentage of our initial content for contribute to a large amount of content.


5.2    Inbound links


Inbound links is an important channel to bring in visitors. But because inbound links from low-quality or spam sites will reduce the target page’s rank in the search engine, whereas links from high quality sites could help increase the rank of the target page (Perkins 2009, p. 20). Based on this fact, for the long term’s benefits of our business, we will carefully select those quality websites to put our website or pages’ links. And important strategy that we can increase the quality inbound links is through pay links. To do this, we will turn to the Pay per click which refers to paying the predefined fee for every visitor of the website coming from the inbound links of the cooperative websites (Spindler 2010, p. 7). Fund spent on these pay links is necessary for our business that is in the startup stage.


6.        Online Advertising


6.1    Search engine advertising


Search Advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on Web pages that show results from search engine queries, in many aspects, search engine advertising is considered as the optimum form of advertising with the target of increasing the chances of encountering ready consumers (Shimp 2010, p. 410). The search engine advertising is helpful and it is easy to be understood. For example, if a customer has made up the decision to buy a gold ring for marriage, then he or she search the key words with real intention to pay online, therefore, if our website could be listed in the first page in the search by some key words, we can anticipate more traffic as well as more real orders.


6.2    Network advertising


Compared to the search engine advertising, we could also turn to the content advertising, for example, Google is also the largest network ads, we can use this service to post our ads in those pages that their contents are relevant to the jewelry goods. It is another way to bring in large inflow of visitors.


7.        Permission marketing


Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to receive such notice and information (Rosen 2011, p. 26). There are several key approaches that we can use based on the authorization from the visitors. The fist most often used channel is email. After getting the agreement from the customers, we will make regular communication with the customers who have granted us the access to send them email, such communication could be done on a monthly basis or weekly basis. After getting a large number of customers who grant the email access, we could divide the customers into smaller groups and such classification could be based on the time of consumption that customers have made, and the principle is that the closer the relationship we have with the specific group, the more frequent we can send email to them. Other ways that also could be used include RSS, SMS or newsletters.


8.        Social media marketing


Social media services or channels make innovative use of new online technologies to accomplish familiar communication and marketing goals (Zimmerman & Shalin 2010 p. 11). There are several channels: the first usual social media is blog, we can establish our own official blog and keep update our product information or promotional activities in the blog to attract more attentions; another important social media channel is the local business networks. We can join the Kuala Lumpur local business network groups such as the business association, and contribute to the development of these groups by ways such as sponsorship in exchange for these groups’ official partnership or membership to promote our social status and public image. These efforts will help to market our brand in the various social networks.





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