Sale via mobile phone Taobao increased by 5.6 times during the Tmall Double 11 day


Alibaba Group announced today that the turnover reached 35 billion during the Tmall Double 11 day (11th November). The sale via mobile phone Taobao during the same day was 5.35 billion yuan, 5.6 times of the data of last year (960 million); the single-day active users reached 127 million; the number of deals via mobile phone Taobao in the single day reached 35.9 million, accounting for 21% of the overall transactions.

According to Data provided by Alibaba, the top ten merchants were:

Xiaomi Official Flagship Store,
Haier Official Flagship Store,
Camel Clothing Flagship Store,
Carolina Textile Official Flagship Store,
JackJones Official Flagship Store,
Uniqlo Flagship Store,
Anna Rich Official Flagship Store,
Yan Man Official Flagship Store,
Lin Wood Flagship Store &
Artka Official Flagship Store.

Xiaomi (a famous Chinese mobile phone brand) which was ranked the no.1 official flagship store achieved a total sales of 553 million yuan in the single day of 11th November.

Last year, the single day sale during the Tmall Double 11 day (11th November) was 19.1 billion yuan, of which the mobile phone turnover reached 960 million.

* (Chinese: 天猫; pinyin: Tiānmāo), formerly Taobao Mall, is a Chinese-language website for business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail, spun off from Taobao, operated in the People’s Republic of China by Alibaba Group. It is a platform for local Chinese and international businesses to sell quality, brand name goods to consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

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