Russian officials: Chinatown is not allowed in Russia


According to the Russian media report on 3 of August that RIA Novosti hosted a roundtable meeting focusing on immigrants social programs and national policy strategy. At the meeting, the Secretary of Russian Ministry of Regional Development, Alexander Zurawski who is responsible for national policy on international relations said the Russian government stressed that the Chinese immigrants’ behaviors to establish ethnic village in Russia in the form of the “China City”, “Chinatown” will be banned by the local administration.

He stressed at the meeting that foreign immigrants entering Russia must do as the Russians do, and the first thing they should do is to learn Russian language so as to integrate into Russian society, as well as to protect their legitimate interests.

He claimed that most Chinese migrants can not escape from a small circle of life, killing a dog, eating pigeons and other violations of Russian society ethical standards are often exposed. Zurawski said that Russia has its own national conditions, local regulations will be introduced in Russia resolutely to ban these villages including “Chinatown” and other forms of ethnic gathering which integrate commerce, living and other functions. But according to him, Chinese restaurants will be an exception because Chinese restaurants also serve Russian populace.

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