Russia: F-8 fighters arrived at Nansha islands, China is ready to fight


According a recent report from “Voice of Russia”, the South China Sea Fleet held a large-scale military exercises in the South China Sea, which is the disputed water. Research Center of the Russian strategic analysis expert Vasily analyzed that the exercise would bring severe military and political consequences.

Fleet exercises included H -6 long-range bombers, JH-7 fighter-bombers, as well as other types of fighter jets and early warning aircraft, shore-based aircraft support. F-8 fighter also exercised aerial refueling at sea. In the context of increasing territorial disputes with Vietnam and the Philippines and other countries, the Chinese navy has demonstrated the convincing strength and determination to battle for the disputed islands.

According to the article, nationalism is on the rise around the world, any government will stand firm. The increasing powerful Chinese military force for those eager to strengthen allies relations with the United States is an extra stimulus. Until now, the United States still tends to support those Southeast Asian countries with territorial disputes with China. Judging from the current development trend, if tensions continue to increase (seems it will continue to increase) China will have no choice but to further strengthen its military forces.

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