New “Rules of Work of the State Council” released

The General Office of the State Council released the “Rules of Work of the State Council” today. The rules is consistent with the new premier Li, Keqiang‘s pledge to build a clean government. The “Rule” requires the departments of the State Council to implement reform and standardize the work of the official reception, ban gifts sending or receiving as well as unnecessary dinning.


According to the detailed requirements of the “Rules”, the person in charge of the various departments of the State Council leaders need to personally check the important letters from people, and facilitate the problem solving. And departments of the State Council have to accept the supervision from the public and the news media, and seriously investigate and verify claimed situations in a timely manner in accordance with the laws.
In addition, issues that involves great public interest should be made known to the public through government websites, government communiques, press conferences, as well as newspapers, radio, television, networks, and other ways and such disclosure should be timely, comprehensive, accurate and detailed.

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