The richest man in China commented on the gap between rich and poor in China

The 7th Mar is the media day of the Zhejiang Delegation in the second session of the National People’s Congress , it is the first time the delegation meet directly with the Chinese and foreign media. Despite sitting in the back corner, the Wahaha Group Chairman Zong (the richest man in China at present) still become the focus of a reporter’s question. An American media reporter was the first to ask questions:

“People said the gap between rich and poor will become the core problem affecting China’s development, how do you think?”
“The gap between the rich and the poor is common all over the world” Zong rose from his chair, and said, “The Chinese government is to close the gap through secondary distribution and the The18th National Congress of the CPC The emblem of the Communist Party of China also targets to double the per capita income of 2020, I think the Chinese people are getting closed to common rich and prosperity. ”

When asked whether he felt the hatred from other people as he is the richest China, he replied: “I personally do not feel so, I was getting rich by selling drinks, there wasn’t any trading power for money, not getting involved in the lucrative industries., I also help a lot of people become rich, including employees, suppliers, many farmers”Zong said,” and my life is not a luxury and just like many ordinary people. “

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