Restrictions on carrying liquids on civil aircrafts in People’s Republic of China

In order to ensure aviation safety, with reference to the standards of the ICAO, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) decided to limit the carrying liquids on civil aircraft in China:

1. Passengers taking domestic flights in China, each person can carry a total of not more than 1 liter (L) liquid items (excluding alcohol), the excess must be checked in. Liquid items shall be open for checking to confirm its safety.

2. In respect of international and regional flights originating from China’s domestic airports, travelers’ per person hand-carry liquids must not exceed 100 milliliters (ml).

Liquid items should be placed in re-sealable transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity not exceeding 1 liter (L). Each time each passenger is allowed to carry only one transparent plastic bag, the excess should be checked in.

Transparent plastic bag containing liquids should undergo a separate security check.

International and regional flights from outside of mainland of China making a transit within a China Airport, passengers’ carrying liquids shall also be subject to application of the provisions of this article. Duty-free liquids should be in full bloom in the sealed transparent plastic bag, and shall also keep the proof of purchase for inspection.

3. In the civilian flight in China, alcohol items are not allowed to be hand carried, but can be carried as checked baggage. The liquor packaging of goods should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the civil aviation transport.

4. Passengers carrying baby can carry appropriate quantity of liquid dairy products; Passengers with diabetes or other diseases can carry necessary liquid medicines but the carried subjects are subject to safety checks.

5. Passengers shall bear the own risks for violation of the above provisions.

This Notice shall come into force as of May 1 2007 superseding the “Notice of General Administration of Civil Aviation of China to strengthen management of civil aircraft passengers’ carrying liquid items” issued on February 5, 2003.

Source: Civil Aviation Administration of China (中国民航总局)

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