Resident sells electricity at 0.4yuan/kwh


Binhai Power Supply Company has recently accepted the first application of the resident “power generation” to be connected into the power network, as well as accepted the first individual electricity selling business. Currently, residents of the Binhai New Area can sell electricity at a temporary price of 0.4118 yuan per kilowatt hour (kWh), slightly higher than the price offered by the power plant electricity.

It is understood that the resident has installed a self-generating equipment in their own space, which had been approved by the electricity sector. At present, the Zhongxing Tianjin Eco-City has China’s first smart grid demonstration system, it shows that personal electricity grid has better adaptability to the national grid by using the smart grid system. With the promotion of smart grid, personal power and the network is expected to be achievable in the more areas.

In accordance with the relevant policies, the residents are paid to use the self-generation equipment to supply electricity to the national power grid in order to promote energy generation by utilising the local advantages such as windy weather. Self-generating power which is 10 kV or below voltage can be connected to the national grid, and individual outlets should not exceed the total installed capacity of 6 MW. Equipment may be based on various types of energy such as solar, natural gas, biomass, wind energy and geothermal energy.

In the future, individuals or companies who want to supply electricity to the national grid through self-generation equipment must apply for approval. At the same time, the applicant needs to have agreement of the owners’ committee and the adjacent residence owners.

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