Replace cattle with sheep

In the ancient times, some people held a kind of ritual every day in the Temple to show respect and piety to the gods, and seeked the blessing from the gods. This ritual is called “Offering sacrifice to bell.” A cow or a sheep will be killed, and the head will be placed on a large wooden bowl to be offered to gods.

One day, in state of Qi, a civilian was leading a cow and came across the palace where the Qi Emperor was staying. The Qi Emperor, King Xuan coincided with the man and asked “where are you leading the cow to?” “To offer sacrifice to bell” the man replied. King Xuan looked at the poor cow and said “the cow is trembling, poor cow, it is innocent, release it!” The man was glad and suggested “My lord, please abolish the ritual of ‘Offering sacrifice to bell’?” “No! It can not be! Replace it with a sheep!” King Xuan said.

This fable tells people: the slaughter of cattle is nothing difference to killing of sheep. King Xuan’s order to replace cattle with sheep showed his hypocrisy. But in real life, many people do the similar things, people eat chicken and beef everyday and call for protecting dolphins and panda because the trembling of these intelligent lives are witnssed while the killing of chicken is not seen, so are you King Xuan? May be you should consider abolishing your own ritual of “offering sacrifice to bell” and become a vegetarian if you really want to protect lives.

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