Reasons for ineffective performance of the staffs

The reasons for ineffective performance of the working staff may include the following aspects.

The first aspect is in the organization policies and practices including ineffective job placement, insufficient job training, ineffectual employment practices, lack of attention to employee needs pr concerns, inadequate communication within organization, unclear reporting relationships as well as lack of clear job description.

The second aspect is the personal problems including stress, relationship problems, financial worries, emotional disorders, conflict between work demands and family demands, low work ethic, lack of effort, immaturity, drugs and alcohol as well as health concerns.

The third aspect is the job concerns including unclear or constantly changing work requirement, boredom with job, lack of job growth or advancement opportunities, role ambiguity, management-employee conflict, problem with fellow employees, inability to perform the job as well as lack of job skills.

The last aspect is external factors including industry decline or extreme competition, legal constraints, conflict between ethical standards and job demands as well as union-management conflict.

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