Ranking: Top 10 Chinese cities to be Escaped

Recently, an online ranking, namely “Top 10 Chinese cities to be Escaped” becomes popular reflecting that many people are under a stressful status. And from the listed reasons for escapes, we can see the commonly concerned topics in China: job, marriage and house.

Ranking City Reason for escapes
1 Shanghai Difficult to get a wife
2 Beijing Huge gap between rich and poor 
3 Guangdong (Canton) Can’t settle down (non-local feel strange in Guangzhou due to language differences and other factors)
4 Shenzhen High pressure and fast-food style love
5 Chongqing Girls are too much realistic
6 Wuhan Too many talents (can’t get a job)
7 Tianjin Can not afford housing
8 Hong Kong Too much pressure
9 Changsha A sense of anxious
10 Zhengzhou Wages are too low

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