The puzzle game of Mahjong (Má jiàng, Mah-jong, Mah-jongg or 麻将)


(Photo source: Baidu Baike)

Mahjong (Má jiàng, Mah-jong, Mah-jongg or 麻将) is a kind of puzzle game invented by Chinese people in an ancient time. The game appliances include a set of small long box (usually 136  boxes) engraved with patterns or words. It could be played by two or four.

Compared with other forms of dominoes, mahjong is the most complex with various combinations, but with its simple basic style, it is easy for new player to learn to play the game. It is China’s one of the most attractive gambling forms which is still popular today among Chinese people and it is also becomes more popular in the world.

Source: Baidu Baike

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