Profile of South Beauty Group(俏江南):

South Beauty Group(俏江南) Introduction

South Beauty (俏江南) one of China’s most successful high-end restaurant groups. On 20th May 2000, the first restaurant of South Beauty opened in CBD international trade center of Beijing. In 2000, South Beauty expanded beyond Beijing. In times square of Huaihai road in Shanghai had been launched the first exotic restaurant, since then chain restaurant begins.

With many years’ experience and development, South Beauty restaurants have been founded throughout 50 provinces of China including 18 cities. Possessing nearly 70 restaurants till the end of Jan. 2012 which make it become the leader of chain enterprise of Chinese style dinner.

“Fashion, classical, grade, reverence” the four idea are embraced, it’s also the distinguishing spirit of South Beauty enterprise. It’s the lasting goal of South Beauty to propagate culinary culture of the old cultural history of china for five thousand years and to devote to a world-class Chinese dinner brand.

The Sichuan Cuisine



Sichuan cuisine is one of Chinese eight cuisines which has profound cultural connotation. With different dishes there are different delicacy, every dish is exquisite, for its strong delicacy, Sichuan cuisine is famous in domestic and abroad.

South Beauty as the leader of Chinese catering industry propagates the spirit and inherits the culture of Sichuan cuisine. Based on the feature of Chengdu cuisine and Chongqing cuisine and the ingenuity it creates the real spirit which reaches to boutique Sichuan cuisine of South Beauty.

In order to secure orthodox taste, South Beauty selects the delicious ingredients including seasoning that come from the globe and local Sichuan. It’s good at variation, makes flavor suit the corresponding dish, and makes the color, aroma and taste expressed fully. All of these have presented a kind of real boutique Sichuan cuisine.

CEO: Wang Xiaofei(汪小菲)

wang xiaofei

Wang XiaoFei was born on June 28, 1981 in Beijing, the current president of South Beauty Group, son of founder of the group, Zhang Lan. By the end of 2010 he and Taiwan artists Barbie Hsu (徐熙, Big S) got engaged which surprised the entertainment circle. And on November 16 the same year the two preceded the registration of marriage at the Beijing Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau. Their wedding was held in Sanya, Hainan Province on 22 March 2011. On June 13, 2011, Wang XiaoFei in his own microblogging announced officially that he took over the CEO post of the South Beauty Restaurant Group.


On Apr 2011, South Beauty obtains the reputation of Beijing catering enterprise top 50 in 2010 conferred by Beijing Cuisine Association, and South Beauty’s sub-branch that locates in the Finance Street obtains the reputation of Beijing catering enterprise top 100.

On Mar 2011, South Beauty obtains the reputation of the best Sichuan restaurant referring to readers’ favorite restaurant conferred by the Beijinger.

On Jun 2010, magazine confers South Beauty limited liability company the title of “Chinese catering enterprise top 10 in 2009”.

On Jan 2010, classical urban international forum confers South Beauty the title of “urban contribution award in annual meeting of 2010”.

On Jan 2010, consumer comments on South Beauty and chooses it “the most welcome restaurant for top 50 in 2009 ” at the food’s grand ceremony of 2009.

On Dec 2009, Beijing Cuisine Association confers South Beauty “Beijing catering enterprise top 50 in 2009.”

On Dec 2009, in the “ the action for promoting Beijing’s catering consumption in 2009” held by Beijing Commerce Committee, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Cuisine Association and Boiling Metropolitan Area Network confers South Beauty Group “the one of ten special excellent contribution award”.
Meanwhile Jiang Shi boiling beef dish wins the award of “Beijing classical delicacy’s selection activity voted by the public for the 60 years’ founding of new China”.

On Dec 2009, China association for research and advancement of Chinese traditional medicine, and Food therapy regimen professional committee confer South Beauty the award of “Food therapy regimen model flat”.

Source: South Beauty Group Official Website

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