Premier Li Keqiang arrived at Pakistan, escorted by 6 FC-1 Xiaolong

FC-1 Xiaolong and Premier Li Keqiang2

FC-1 Xiaolong and Premier Li Keqiang1

FC-1 Xiaolong and Premier Li Keqiang3

FC-1 Xiaolong and Premier Li Keqiang4


On 22 May, invited the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, arrived at Islamabad Noor Khan Airfield and began an official visit to Pakistan.

When Li Keqiang’s plane entered into the airspace of Pakistan, Pakistan’s six Air Force fighters, FC-1 Xiaolong, escorted the plan until landing. When Li Keqiang stepped out of the flight gate, the gun salute fired and Pakistani military aircrafts flew across whistling.

In the airport, Li Keqiang delivered a written speech at the airport. He said, “I bring the Chinese people’s friendship for the people of Pakistan and pay an official visit to Pakistan; I would like to pay tribute and good wishes to the government and people of Pakistan on behalf of the Chinese government and people.”

Li Keqiang said that Pakistan is an important country in South Asia; Pakistan has made important contributions to maintain regional and world peace, stability and development. China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners. After establishment of diplomatic ties 62 years ago, the two sides maintain political equality and mutual trust, win-win economic development, as well as mutual understanding and support in respect of each other’s core interests and related issues.

Source: ChinaNews

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