Poultry and pig DNA were found in suspected adulterated lamb in Shenzhen

On May 9, Southern Metropolis Daily reporters with the Shenzhen Municipal Food Safety Bureau together revealed the adulterated lamb in the Nanshan agricultural market; three meat samples were sent to the Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection Longhua Branch which was under supervision of the Shenzhen Market Authority to analyze DNA components of the adulterated lamb. Ducks, pigs, chicken DNAs were detected from the samples.

8 o’clock last night, Shenzhen Market Authority Bulletin said despite that mutton DNA was found in all the three samples, but also duck, pigs, chicken were also detected. Therefore, adulteration of lamb by mixing other meats has been confirmed. The council has started the investigation of case, archive suspected food, and to trace the source and flow.

But in case the proportion of duck, chicken in the problematic meatloaf, it is difficult to penalize the business operators because the DNA testing provide only qualitative conclusion rather than quantitative results. Supervisor Bureau of Shenzhen City said that more research efforts will be invested with the target to find out the DNA quantitative detection of meat ingredients, and the market offenders will be put into justice.

Source: 南方都市报

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