Pondering in the silent night (静夜思)



This is one of the most famous poems named 静夜思(Pondering in the silent night) written by Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty about his missing home, the whole poem could be translated by meaning as following:

The moonlight paves the front of bed, as if the ice on ground;

Staring at the moon, or thinking about hometown far, far away.

This poem is simple, yet directly expresses a Chinese thinking:
The moon changes as like departure and reunion among people which seems to be normal yet make people feel sad. On the day of full moon, it always remind those distant from home or lovers the sadness of departure.

Some westerners may not be able to fully understand this sentiment very well due to the cultural difference. One needs to know that agriculture had been the most important industry for thousands of years leading to the result that family tie must be very strong in order to live a life of richness. Thus with the modernization and urbanization such family tie has witnessed a trend of weakening resulting in the increasing trend of westernization.

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