Polls show that half of the Hong Kong people against the repatriation of Snowdon, the central government yet to choose stand

repatriation of Snowdon

The difficulties for U.S. to extradite rebel intelligence officer Edward Snowden from Hong Kong sharply increase as in the past weekend, hundreds of people in Hong Kong held a demonstration to urge the SAR Government to protect Snowdon. Hong Kong media published poll which shows that half of the people of Hong Kong are against the repatriation of Edward Snowden, those who support for the repatriation account for only only 17.6%.

According to the report of Hong Kong “Oriental Daily” on the 16th, experts pointed out that Washington is now stuck in a dilemma. If the United States issued a formal arrest warrant, requesting assistance from Hong Kong police, Hong Kong is obliged to collect proof which will be shared with the mainland authorities. If the mainland of China obtained the information disclosed to the HK local media, then it will help China to strengthen its defense against the U.S. invasion in the future. Some estimate that Snowdon still holds dozens of sensitive data.

Source: 环球网-环球时报

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