Police: Express delivery sustains 50% of drug trafficking, might become the main channel for the crime

Recently, the ChinaNews reported that the Zhejiang Quzhou police arrested six suspects involving drug trafficking. Yesterday the ChinaNews reporter learned from the police that in the recent years, the drug trafficking frequently appeared all over the province of Zhejiang and express delivery has accounted for 50% of the flow of drugs in the province and the whole country, it probably has become the main channel of the drug trafficking.

“Compared to the traditional car transport, under the new trafficking mode, trafficking is proceeded through virtual transactions which are more hidden.” Quzhou police said, “In addition, postal courier companies now have not performed well with the relevant rules in monitoring the contents of the parcels, which also provides an opportunity for the crime of drug trafficking.

It is known that, according to the provisions of Article 23 of the “Zhejiang Province Narcotics Control Ordinance”: postal enterprises, express delivery companies shall establish and implement the system of acceptance testing using the timely updated technical equipments. Items other than the letter be posted must be inspected regarding the inner parts in the spot, the staffs shall faithfully record the senders’ name, address, contact information, and name of the item, quantity and other information of the package; customers who reject the inspection, the relevant items shall not be admissible. Postal enterprises, express delivery companies should preserve the relevant information for future reference for more than one year. Offenders will be given a warning by the postal administrations for immediate rectification; under serious case, at a fine of 5,000-50,000 yuan (US $800-8000) will be issued.

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