Police: Due to loss of evidence the Zhu Ling case can not be detected

Photo of Zhu Ling taken 19years ago

Zhu Ling is now at her 40 with 100% paralysis, almost blind, brain retardation, weighted 100 kg and suffering from loss of language skills.

Beijing police announced today by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau “Green Beijing” microblogging, saying that in respect of the Zhu Ling case, it is yet to obtain direct evidence against the identified suspects. Because of the loss of evidence and other objective factors, the case ultimately can not be detected.

The Beijing police thanked the communities’ concern over the Zhu Ling case. The police was deeply regretful over Zhu Ling regarding her personal misfortunes and her families’ suffering from the pain.

“The Beijing police task force has always adhered to the impartial handling of the cases in accordance with the law, which is not subject to any interference. Public security organs’ investigation of all criminal cases, especially severe cases against the safety of the citizens the detective work will be carried out fully; as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will do our utmost. But there are a number of cases under investigation conditions, because of the loss of evidence and other objective factors, they ultimately can not be detected. In this regard, we hope the general public maintain rational and hold objective view of respecting for the detective work, understanding and support public security organs in accordance with the law.”

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