Missing In The Spring (春思)






Translated in English as follows:-

Missing In The Spring 

Li Bai

Grass start to turn green in the far border, mulberry trees in the land of Qing have grown out long limbs;

The day when you are coming back, it is the time of heart breaking for me;

The wing of unknown, why are you here in my bed?


This poem describes how the wife misses the husband who has gone to the border to safeguard the country. Therefore when the grasses just turn green in the border, green trees are normal in the Qing land which the wife sees by her eyes. The thinking of women who are waiting for her husband is complicated as she considers the day of reunion as the time of heart breaking instead of time of excitement. But it implies that the wife has missed the husband too much that she would still feel the heart breaking even when the husband comes back. When she asks the wing of spring, actually she asks the wing to get out. This hints that the wife is determined to wait for her husband who is the only one that should appear in her bed. In Chinese language in particular under the background of the poem (thousands of years ago), intensions are usually expressed in an indirect way rather than a direct manner. Even today, the Chinese culture also exhibit this feature to some degree.

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