Placenta processing has become a popular “underground industry” in Zhengzhou



In the maternity wards of many large hospitals in Zhengzhou, salespeople will come to introduce the placenta processing business to pregnant women or mothers who just gave birth to babies. According to their words, a general maternal placenta can be processed into more than 100 capsules, sufficient for eating for a few months. Compared to traditional way of cooking into soup, dumplings, placenta capsule can be “fully absorbed by the human body with no waste”. Processing of a maternal placenta costs 250 yuan to 400 yuan (USD 40-64).

Zhengzhou City Industrial and Commercial Bureau said, the government has yet to approve the “placenta processing” business, the relevant units and individuals engaging in this business will breach the laws; but since the industry is underground and it is still not clear that which government department is responsible for this industry, it is difficult to monitor these new business behaviors.

Source: 大河报

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