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Located in the East China, Shanghai is in the junction between Yangtze River and Qiantang River. With approx. 170,000 foreign residents living in the city, Shanghai is the most populated cities with foreigners in China ( 2015). With a history of more than 700 years, Shanghai was once the financial center of the Far East. Today, Shanghai has raised again to become financial hub of China and a top tourist destination ( 2016) as well as an international metropolis.

The Antique Market, Dong Tai Road

The Antique Market, Dong Tai Road0The Antique Market, Dong Tai Road1 The Antique Market, Dong Tai Road2 Photos by Ren, J. (2015)

In middle of 2015, the 30-year-old Dong Tai Road Antique Market had come to its end of business as part of the city rebuilt and upgrade plan. But still the market is part of the memory of many Shanghai people and frequent visitors.

Shanghai Food Market


Photo Source: 2015


Photo Source: 2014

The history of Shanghai’s food markets parallels changes in the diet in the city, as shown by what was served on the normal family’s dining table: from relatively simple, rice-and-vegetable-based daily meals to a very diversified menu (Lu 1999). As most vegetables are seasonal, it is always a cost-saving and healthy way to buy vegetables that are in season.

Shanghai Baby

Shanghai Baby
Photo Source: Online

Though China’s one-child policy had finally come to an end in 2016 (replaced by a national two-child policy), the 38 years old one-child policy together with the traditional value of cherishing the children have made the babies “little emperors” in most family in China. It is not unusual that most Chinese people in particular grandparents dote on their children.

With the culture of child spoiling, you will find it very convenient to travel in China with children as most public spaces (even museum and expo) welcome crying babies and naughty boys/girls.

Street food, Shanghai

soup dumpling
Photo by 2016

Cheap but popular street food is a vital part of the daily life in China. For example, dough sticks (you tiao) and beancurd (dou jiang) can be served as a perfect menu for breakfast for many people in Shanghai. Another street food that should not be forgotten is the soup dumplings (xiao long bao). These steam buns are called soup dumplings because a cube of meat aspic has been injected before the skin is pleated. The soup dumplings in Shanghai is so famous and tasty that people from other parts of the country will usually call it as Shanghai Soup Dumplings.

The French Concession
Former Guarde Municipale headquarters Lyceum Theatre Grosvenor House The Cloisters, a residential building
Photos bySource: Fayhoo – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The French Concession (Fa Zu Jie) had been one of the centres of Catholicism in China as well as home to many of the Chinese revolutionaries. Today the Former Shanghai French Concession is a charming part of town to visit and during the day its quiet tree lined avenues and parks make for a wonderfully refreshing stroll (Foster 2008). Despite re-development over time, the area maintains unique features and is one of the top tourist destinations in Shanghai.

Men And Birds, Shanghai


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It is not uncommon that elderly men in China love having pet birds to maintain engaged and occupied; compared to keeping dogs and cats, keeping a feathery company requires much less attention and also provides a common topic in the streets. On a fine day, bird owners will usually bring their beloved caged birds and ramble to temples or parks for “bird strolling”, a time to show off how well their birds are raised and tamed. Such times were beauty competitions, as well as singing ones ( 2007).

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Celebrations Chinese New Year Celebrations1
Phones Source: 2016

Roast Duck in Shanghai
roast duck in shanghai

Duck has been roasted in China since the 5th century. It is known that a variation of roast duck was specially prepared for the emperors of the Yuan dynasty! Though roast duck is widely known as Beijing roast duck, people can still enjoy very authentic Beijing roast duck in Shanghai by going to the fine chain roast duck restaurants, such as Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant.

Yu Garden (豫园), Shanghai

yu garden
Photo Source: Online

Situated in the northeastern corner of Shanghai old city, Yu Garden is one of Chinas loveliest private classical gardens. Its name can be understood as “garden of contentment,” and it is actually a pastoral world apart from modern and hectic Shanghai (Brown 2000). As Yu Garden is one of the top tourist destinations in Shanghai, avoiding visiting the Yu Garden on the weekend or holidays is always a good idea.

Pearl Tower, Shanghai

Pearl Tower


Photo Source: Online

Morning Exercise, Shanghai

shanghai morning

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