Photos of mysterious creatures taken in Dragon’s 5000m dive

Dragon manned submersible1

 The bizarre fish tail

Dragon manned submersible2

Auricular octopus

Dragon manned submersible3

Sea anemone

Local time at 7:00 on August 9 (Beijing time at 1:00 on August 10), the “dragon” manned submersible started its first dive in area of polymetallic nodules and carried out a pilot application voyage. Samples such as starfish, gorgonians, sponges, basalt, and other rich polymetallic nodules samples and data had been collected, and the camera also captured fish tail, blind fish, ear-shaped octopus, shrimp and other types of mysterious creatures in the 5000m dive.

Profile of the “Dragon (Jiaolong, 蛟龙号)” manned submersible


“Dragon” manned submersible is China’s first self-designed, self-integrated task-based deep-sea manned submersible, it is designed for a maximum dive depth of 7000m below water. “Dragon” manned submersible keeps the world’s deepest underwater diving record (7,062 meters). “Dragon” manned submersible is important to the development and utilization of sea resources in China.
With the “Dragon” manned submersible, China became the fifth country mastering the technologies of deep-sea manned submersible following the United States, France, Russia and Japan.

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