Phones lost in transit, DHL offered compensation by weight

According to the phone owner’s assistant, Lee introduced, during traveling in Australia, the three mobile phones and a charger were unattended in Melbourne Intercontinental Hotel. On March 15, the owner entrusted the hotel to return the phones to Beijing phone. The mail order was accepted by DHL courier with a weight of 2 kg. The parcel was detained by customs in Beijing because the items inside did not match the description, Lee said, three phones inside were found missing.

DHL Head of Public Relations Ms. Zhou responded, because no insurance was purchased for the parcel, according to the relevant provisions, the goods can only be compensated by weight, i.e. U.S. $ 25 per kilogram (total US$ 50, equivalent to about 306 yuan) together with full freight charge 182 Australian dollars (equivalent to about 1,078 yuan). Last night, Mr. Lee said that he was unable to accept the amount of compensation, and claimed that he may approach legal channels to resolve the case.

Source: 京华时报

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