Philippines filed a diplomatic protest against Chinese warships’ patrolling in Ayungin reef


According to AFP, the Philippines on May 21, said Chinese warships had “illegally” patrolled into the Ayungin reef of the Spratly Islands for which the Philippines filed a diplomatic protest with China.

Philippine Foreign Ministry spokesman Hernandez was quoted as saying: “We have filed a diplomatic protest with Chinese Embassy in Manila to protest against Chinese government vessels’ illegally patrolling in Ayungin reef”. He claimed that a Chinese warship and two Chinese ocean surveillance ship were still patrolling near the reef.

Ayungin reef is part of Chinese territory, which is currently under Shashi City of Hainan Province. In May 1999, an old ship claimed to be “leaky” and stranded in the northwest side of the Ayungin reef, Philippine government sent soldiers to station in the reef and started the actual control of this reef.

Source: 环球时报

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