Philippines agreed to issue a formal apology and offer compensation through negotiations

According to Taiwan’s ETTV news reports, the Philippine Representative Li arrived at Taiwan on the 14th May to finalize the promised three conditions required by the Taiwan authorities, including a formal apology as soon as possible, thoroughly investigate the facts and punish the murderers. But part of the compensation for the loss has not been formally agreed.

It is reported that the Philippines on the 15th will send special envoy, Perez, to Taiwan to show in positive attitude, who may then mention compensation commitments and visit the families of the victim.

Case background

On May 9, a fishing boat of the Taiwan’s Pingtung County was fishing for bluefin tuna in the waters off the coast of Hengchun, Pingtung County Eluanbi, it was suspected that the Philippine warships fired machine-gun and a 65-year-old crew Hung Shicheng was shot to death. The shipboard equipment was completely destroyed. After the incident, the boat was chased and caught up on several occasions and shot, the fishing boat fled for more than an hour until getting rid of the warships.

Ma Ying-Jeou sent a 72 hours ultimatum to Philippines

The leader of the Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou held a high-level meeting on the evening of 11, a request for apology, compensation and punishing the murderer was made to the Philippines, these actions should be responded by the Philippine side within 72 hours, or the use of any sanctions will not be excluded.

Later that night in Taipei, Ma Ying-jeou’s spokesman Li Jia Fei held a press conference and said that the Taiwan authority had four solemnly demands:

Formal apology;

second, compensation for the loss, as soon as possible;

third, thoroughly investigate the facts and punish the criminals;

fourth, start the Taiwan-Philippine fisheries agreement negotiation as soon as possible.

Source: ChinaNews (中国新闻网)

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