Personal 3D Printer first landed in China: Cube 3D Printer open for sale online in China

Jingdong Mall recently brought an exclusive debut of a 3D printer in China. Reporters on Jingdong Mall found this Cube personal 3D printer which is imported from United State. The color options which include blue and pink make it look very fashionable. The machine overall size is 26 * 26 * 34 (cm), almost a small oven, one can print items not exceeding than the maximum size which is 14 × 14 × 14 (cm). And it is priced at 14,999 yuan (US$ 2,400).

Personal 3D Printer first landed in China

It is learned that the model of 3D printer on sale is the brand’s second-generation product; the print operating speed is 1.5 times faster the previous generation. However, 3D printing handling time is primarily up to the size and complexity of the model to be printed. For example, a mobile phone shell takes about two hours.

Currently, this 3D printer is priced at 14,999 yuan (US$ 2,400), and its materials, the ABS plastic is priced at 699 yuan (US$ 112) / piece. The total price the whole set plus ABS plastic in 7 colors is priced at 19,892 yuan (US$ 3,183). However according to the Jingdong sources, more than 20 units of the 3D printers have already sold this month.

Source: 解放牛网, 新闻晨报

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