People teased the new white-collar standard

What is the concept of white-collar workers in China? The recent the concept has been redefined by the widely spread 10 new standards of Chinese white-collar worker. Most Chinese people are feeling pressure after referring to the standards.

1. A monthly salary of more than RMB 20,000 or US $ 3,200;
2. Participate fitness and sport activities;
3. Owns at least a two-bedroom house;
4. Owns a vehicle valued more than RMB 150,000 or US $ 24,000;
5. Owns a fixed circle of friends;
6. Work is not limited to be completed in the office, remote work is the future trend;
7. Working shift from nine to five with enough leisure time;
8. A unique form of entertainment;
9. Emphasis on low-carbon life;
10. Having a favorite fashion brand.

The standards cover income, housing conditions, lifestyle, work requirements. Some laughed that they met with standard no. 6 as they not only often worked overtime to fulfill the work but also to took the jobs home. Some said:”After reading the new standards, with a limited lifetime, I cannot become a white-collar workers. Some netizens expressed more direct:”I again disgrace the people by not meeting the standards”.

The new standards may not be very practicable to the majority of the Chinese white collar group, but rather show their wishes to earn more (to cover the high living costs) and live an easier life (to reduce pressure).

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