Passport will serve as the “identity card” for oversea Chinese in China

The new Exit and Entry Administration Law in China was recently passed by the 27th meeting of the 11th NPC Standing Committee, and will be effective on July 1, 2013. The new law pays more attention to the service in the management of foreigners leaving or entering into China. Improvements have been witnessed on field of immigration, foreign entry and exit management, rights protection and introduction of human biometric technology.

Passport will serve as the “identity card” for oversea Chinese in China

In the past, overseas Chinese who would like to prepare to settle in China will have to apply for residence certificates from the local provincial public security organ. July 1 onwards, oversea Chinese who would like to migrate back to China, can apply the residence certificate from Chinese embassies, consulates, or other designated organs, or make the application from the foreign affairs department of the local governments (county level or above).
At the same time, starting from July 1, while carrying out finance, education, health care, transportation, telecommunications, social insurance, property registration and other civil activities in China which require the presence of proof of Chinese identity card, oversea Chinese can demonstrate passport to prove their identity with equal function with Chinese ID card (shenfenzheng, 身份证).


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