Parents donated their son’s organs to five patients: Don’t be addicted to the Internet

Continuous 24-hour internet induced brain death

A 18-year-old man, Guo Quan from Yunnan Province after working in Dongguan for less than three months was found brain death recently a continuous 24-hour internet surfing. His parents who had only junior high school and primary school education background respectively decided to donate his son’s organs.
Yesterday, Guo Quan’s liver, two kidneys and two corneas were successfully transplanted to five patients in the two hospitals in Guangzhou City.

Reporter: “Why do you want to donate your son’s organs?”
Guo: “Guo Quan (his son) is very young, although we are very sad, but we want parts of him can be continued; and also we want to warn young people that life is very precious, do not addicted to the Internet.”

Source: 新快报

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