Pan Shiyi: National housing information networking can help control the housing prices


According to the news release from the, Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China expressed on the Boao Forum for Asia in relate to the topic “Economic transition and market regulation” on the afternoon of April 8, that “as long as the national housing information networking can be built up to share the information around the country, it will be able to curb price rise and suppress real estate prices”.

Pan Shiyi, claimed that if all housing information can be accessed through the national information network and anyone can check the house ownership by inputting the any one’s ID number, than the second-hand houses supply will increase and thus the price of housing will go down. But he also said that this method is not technically difficult and many large Internet companies can operate, but in reality it has not been adopted.

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Editorial comment: Pan may neglect another issue which is the privacy of the house owners. Obviously no one will like other people to check his or her house ownership anytime by simply key in his or her ID number which can be accessed by other sometimes. Anyhow, Pan pointed out a good direction to help the housing price control which is the information publicity but the key is how to use this tool while protecting the privacy of the normal house owners.

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