Over 40 percent of rice and rice products are cadmium-tainted in Guangzhou

Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Food and Drug Administration released the market test results in respect of the food and beverage in the first quarter of 2013, the overall pass rate of food and related products was 92.92 percent, of which rice and rice products were found with the lowest passing rate 55.56 percent, mainly due to overproof cadmium containment.

In a total of 18 batches of samples, 10 batches of them were qualified, meaning a pass rate of 55.56%, 8 batches of the unqualified contained excessive levels of cadmium. On February 27 this year, the Nanfang Daily reported that cadmium-tainted rice flowed into the Guangdong market, however the Shenzhen Grain Group Co., Ltd. said that the problematic rice had been archived, instead of going into the market.

Regarding the list of catering units where the cadmium-tainted rice products were found, yesterday Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration official said that besides the published data, they will not disclose the specific list.

Source: 南方都市报(Southern Metropolis Daily)

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