Over 100 ways a single chef’s knife can be used – A Bite of China

Only Chinese chefs can make various delicious dishes using a single kitchen knife. Chinese chef knife can be used in many ways: Chopping, Cutting, Slicing.

Take this Cuizhu Fish Fry (Yangzhou cuisine) as an example, chefs from Huaiyang use only a single knife to do splitting, cutting, chopping. The most amazing skill required in making this dish is the cross cutting with 5mm spacing. The flesh is cut, but the skin is not damaged. The chef uses only a single knife in doing all the chopping, cutting, slicing and carving. The sweet and sour sauce runs through the fish’s body along the gutters formed by cross cutting. When ready, the fish is crisp outside and soft inside, with a sweet and sour taste.

The number of recorded cutting skills is over 100 in China. Even the most common dish – fried kidney, there are a dozen of cutting skills that can be used to form shapes like: wheat ear (麦穗), coir raincoat (蓑衣), litchi and Chinese character “寿”.

Complicated cutting skills are used to make sure food can be cooked faster and become more tasty.

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