Online store selling marijuana, 100 yuan (US $16) per gram, home delivery inclusive


Online store owner hid marijuana in the tea box and sent to buyers

A piece of marijuana leaf (sourced from Internet)

According to a report from the Nanfang Daily News, one just needs to key in some “black words” in the search engine, he or she can easily find a number of marijuana sellers online; marijuana is disguised as other goods and the price is 100 yuan (US $16) per gram. It is indicated the goods will be delivered to home through express mail.

In early April, according to the clues obtained, the Nanfang Daily reporter tried to buy marijuana through an online shop, three days later the good was received. The reporter found a pack of regular tea and within which a smaller package wrapped in aluminum foil was was discovered. After opening the foil package, some yellow-green and clusters shaped leaves were found giving off a strong smell of grass. After checking with the “voluntary drug treatment hospital” for examination, these leaves were marijuana leaves.

April 10, the reporter inform the police about the marijuana. Police said it’s been the first case of network trading of marijuana in recent years.

According to the provisions of the Penal Code, smuggling, trafficking, transport, manufacture of cannabis will be sentenced with more than seven years in prison, the maximum penalty is lifetime imprisonment for illegal possession of marijuana; marijuana takers will be subject to the Public Security Administration imposition.

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