Online shopping adventure: stainless steel changed to real gold jewelry

The 34-year-old Ms. Yang is a staff of a decoration company in Chongqing. Yesterday morning, She told reporters, that her online shopping to buy an ordinary stainless steel tripod on March 28 from a furniture factory in Shenzhen, turned out to be a long strip packaging containing 1798.95 gram of real gold.

When Yang open the package, she is astonished as she did not see the stainless steel tripod, but a small packet of small bags of golden and glittering jewelry: gold necklace, rings, pendants, bracelets. Thinking about these might be the accessories, Ms. Yang first contacted the seller, the furniture factory, and she was confirmed by the manufacturer that they did not have similar goods.

Ms. Yang and colleagues carefully open the parcel and searched the packaging, until they found the recipient information which was Mr. Ye from a jewelry store in Yuzhong District. Realizing that the “accessories” can be real gold, Ms. Yang reported to the police. Under the assistance of the police, the gold jewelry was finally returned to the original receiver.


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