Number of government WeChat accounts exceeded a total of 1,000

As a new way of communication in the mobile Internet era, 微信(WeiXin) or WeChat has over 300 million users. Following the official microblogging, 微信(WeiXin) or WeChat has become a new platform for communications between the government and the public. According to the latest statistics released by the Institute of Tsinghua University, as of May 2, all levels of Chinese governments and relevant functional departments had opened over 1,000 微信(WeiXin) or WeChat accounts to provide public service.

At 8:02 on April 20, a Ms 7.0 earthquake occurred in Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. The capital city Chengdu also had strong tremor felt 110 kilometers away, the public had gathered to the open spaces after being awakened. After 19 minutes, the Chengdu Municipal Government Information Office via the “Micro-Chengdu” WeChat account issued a piece of information regarding the earthquake magnitude, focal, the scope of affection, 130,000 users concerned about the “Micro-Chengdu” and received official authoritative source through their phones and gradually dispersed.

With the popularity of smart phones, and high-speed development of the mobile Internet, 微信(WeiXin) or WeChat as a platform exchanging instant text, pictures, voice and video has become widely accepted by Internet users. On the basis of the large number of users, WeChat launched micro-public platform in August last year. Individuals and organizations can create a micro-public account to communicate text, pictures, voice to achieve full range of communication and interaction with specific groups.

Source: People’s Daily

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