North Korea side last night again called the Chinese fishing boat owner demanding ransom to be reimbursed

The night of May 5, a Chinese fishing boat “Liao-25222” carrying 16 Chinese fishermen was detained by the North Korean military. The DPRK at least 8 times called the Chinese fishing boat owner and forced him to pay at least 600,000 yuan fine, or else confiscation of fishing vessels and the repatriation of fishermen will be carried at 12:00 on the 19th May. Owner of the ship published a microblogging message today that around 21:00 last night, he again received a phone call from the North Korean side and continue to ask for the “fine” and claimed that the deadline will extended to 17:00 today.

Yu Xue-Jun, said in the microblogging that the phone call was made by his captain whose voice was trembling, Yu could feel that the caption was very afraid that he suspected that the crew had been abused, “I cannot imagine what North Korea side do to the crew.”

The owner said that in an interview in firmness that: “my fishing boat seized by North Korean armed patrol boats was definitely operating in Chinese waters! The Liao-25222 was at longitude 123.53 and north latitude and 38.18, it was definitely in Chinese waters as the GPS showed”.

Source: 新闻晚报

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