Nongfu Spring quality crisis: nearly 90% of respondents refused to buy again

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Recently the Nongfu Spring “quality crisis” continues with a number of product quality issues raised by the media, but the answer from Nongfu Spring was not satisfactory to consumers. It was commented that Nongfu Spring exhibited a poor crisis management ability, and not enough of jobs had been done in field of corporate social responsibility. Playing “smart” in dealing with the crisis made customers feel the company had not been offering responsible and safe products.

Nongfu Spring lacked of proper attitude

Nongfu Spring quality problems were first exposed in a media report questioning the pollution in the water source, however the Nongfu Spring said the water containing the black floating solids was quality and the garbage near the water source had no impact on water quality.

Another dispute was about the water quality standards. Insiders said that Nongfu Spring adopted the product standard of Zhejiang standard DB33/383-2005 which was the standard proposed by the Zhejiang Bureau of Quality Supervision, and Nongfu Spring had been the only business representatives involved in the development of such quality standard. Simple comparison showed that the standard allowed limited harmful substances arsenic, cadmium, and the allowed limits were more than the limits in the national drinking water standard GB5749. In particular the arsenic limit is five times of that in the national standard.

Subsequently, the Nongfu Spring distracted the quality scandal by complaining that the event was raised by its major competitor C’estbon. Nongfu Spring in a statement pointed out that the recent series of reports on Nongfu Spring had een deliberately planned by C’estbon.

Nearly 90% of respondents refused to buy again

According to an online survey that investigated a total of 8409 people, of which 69% of respondents believed that the standard adopted by Nongfu Spring was below the water standard specialized for the tap water; when asked whether they will continue to consume the Nongfu Spring, up to 86.9% of respondents said decisively that they will not buy again; only 13.1% of users will continue the consumption.

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