Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan: The writing center witnessed progress in China

moyan the writing center
Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan yesterday chaired the Beijing Normal University Writing Center Director, and said: “after winning the Nobel prize, there are some external changes to me but no change in my mind”.

The writing center witnessed some progress
The newly established Beijing Normal University Writing Center will regularly invite internationally renowned writers, poets, and scholars, translators to the center for exchange meeting and lectures; the center also established the “Chinese and foreign writers pulpit”.

According to Mo Yan, “Literature and art both provide no food, can not keep out of cold, but if there is no literature and art, life will mean nothing. The center is both a writing place, a research institution, as well as a platform.”

At the inaugural ceremony, Mo Yan said in his specialized storytelling tone that in the past Chinese writers often went to foreign Writing Centers, which paid them travel expenses, room and board, as well as a little lecture pocket-money. “I often got in fear about the money and service received, to express my appreciation, I often woke up very early to clean their yard to minimize trouble for the owners, and will try to meet the requests made by the owners. Now in China we have more similar institutions increasingly to invite foreign counterparts for learning exchange, and we also pay the travel expenses. But more importantly, we can see China’s progress. Progress does not come just because of our economic development but also the change of our concept.”

Source: 北青网

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