A newly-married couple decided to take a bus on wedding day, and donated the saved money (RMB 10,000) to Ya’an Earthquake

Yesterday, it was a happy day for Lixiang, the gloom and his bride, Liu Wenchang. Before the wedding ceremony, they two decided to refund the cost of renting a luxurious wedding car.Instead they saved 10,000RMB and donated it to Ya’an. They finally decided to take a bus on the wedding day.

Li Xiang works for the media, while Liu Wenchang works in the IT industry. when arranging their wedding, originally they decided to rent a longer Land Rover as their wedding car. Not long ago, Lixiang’s colleagues went to Ya’an as volunteers. The bride Liu Wenchang knew that many students there lived a poor life and also the earthquake affected their study seriously. Then an idea occurred to them that they could take a bus on the wedding day instead of rent a luxurious car, and donate the money to the students in Ya’an.They reached a consensus. Later,with the help of the colleagues in Ya’an, they donated to two high school students, 2000 yuan per person.


Yesterday, at eight fourty-five, Li Xiang and his four groomsmen took a ferry to Wuchang China Road Terminal to marry his bride. After receiving the bride, they took the No.578 Road Bus, including over 10 relatives and friends. On the bus, they gave out candies to other passengers on board, hoping all to share their joy. Learned that the young couple donated money to Ya’an, the 27-year-old passenger Liu Li thumbed up and praised them: “It is an act of love, low-carbon. This is a particularly meaningful wedding.”

Yesterday, the couple’s kind act received much praising online. More than a thousand users on the microblog sent blessings to the young couple.

An internet user named “A few to see” said:” Very good, so king-hearted, so happy!”

“Bless them ! The Sichuanese thank you”, from a Sichuan friend named “monkey 78726”.

Source: www.cnhan.com


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