New regulation allows HIV carriers to work as teachers in Guangdong Province


Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education issued a formal “Physical Examination of Teacher Qualification in Guangdong Province (2013 Revision)” (hereinafter referred to as the “new rules”). The new regulations will come into effect on September 1 this year. It removes the restriction of “sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS.” This means that by the beginning of September this year, HIV infection will not be tied with teacher qualifications in Guangdong Province and HIV carriers will be able to work as teachers in Guangdong Province.

Head of NGO “Tianxia Weigong Agency” Cheng Yuan said: “The door to teachers is now open to HIV-infected patients, suggesting that discrimination against HIV-infected persons is melting.” The agency has sent a letter to education sector of the country’s 31 provinces and cities to recommend and promote the new regulations adopted by Guangdong Province.

Source: 羊城晚报

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