New phrase: Carrot recruitment

In Chinese language, there is an old saying “one carrot, one hole(一个萝卜一个坑)” meaning that one hole is made for one carrot.

“Carrot” and “recruitment” are recently put together as a new and popular network phrase being “carrot recruitment(萝卜招聘,Luobo Zhaopin)” describing local institutions’ (usually local government departments) carrying out “tailor-made” recruitment in violations of reasonable recruitment rules.

The term carrot recruitment refers to tailoring the recruitment conditions for a person (usually children of officials or those who pay to get the position) through setting all sorts of barriers as entry conditions for applying for the post; academic requirements, professional background, work experience, all kinds of qualifications, political affiliation or even gender can be used as requirements in elimination of most competitors, so that the per-determined carrot man or woman can successfully pass the recruitment and get the job. And the other candidates will miss the competition because of the harsh conditions.

With the power of the Internet more and more similar irregularities have been exposed and it is expected that more effective reform efforts could be brought to recruitment in the public sector to ensure social fairness.

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