Nearly 90% respondents agreed with a 10 yuan (US $1.6) on-the-spot fine against pedestrians crossing red traffic light in China

China style road crossing

According to the ChinaNews, Beijing Traffic Control Department starting from April 9 will focus on remediation of phenomenon called “China-style road crossing”. In this regard, a survey showed that over 90% of Beijing residents agreed that the social awareness is not high, and nearly 90% agreed with the relevant penalties.

The so-called “China style road crossing refers to pedestrians crossing the road whenever a certain number of people are gathered despite even a red traffic light. According to the Beijing traffic control department, at present education will be the major method taken against this issue and it is supplemented by a fine. But from May 6, the traffic control department will start an on-the-spot 10 yuan fine against pedestrian violation of traffic signal.

Beijing Society and Public Opinion Survey Center released a survey on “China-style road crossing phenomenon” on 15th April which showed that 76.9% of the respondents were aware of the relevant penalties issued by the traffic control department of Beijing; 87.1% respondents welcome the penalties. At the same time, 41.5% of the respondents agreed with the point that cash fines would be more effective.

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