National Civil Service Examination in China

national test

National Civil Service Examination (国考) refers to the recruitment test of the central and state organs to hire staffs in the public sector. The time of the test is relatively fixed, it is usually held in October or November each year. It is also referred as the “national test” because of its fierce competition. Positions generally require full-time graduates with bachelor degree or above.

According to statistics, in 2013 the number of jobs held available for the national civil service examinations is 20,839 which attracted a total candidates of 1.383 million. The statistics show that the competition for the jobs in particular those hottest jobs is extremely fierce with almost 10,000 competing for a single job. 

People’s great love of jobs in the public sector in China to some extent demonstrates the high pressure they face by working in the private sector; on the other hand, Chinese culture’s emphasis on stable life does enhance people’s positive attitude toward jobs that are equipped with stable high income and fixed work schedule.  

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