How to Motivate Your Employees [infographic]

What’s the secret to motivating employees?  This infographic explains it.  Hint: it isn’t just money!

employee motivation

Motivating employees isn’t as simple as paying them more.  People are complex and lots of different factors contribute to their overall level of job satisfaction, and what motivates people to do their best work.  Happiness, career aspirations, challenges, money, stress, are all factors that contributing factors in employee motivation.

There is an optimal level of arousal that is key to motivating people.  This can be brought about in many ways:  employee recognition, dialogue with employees, employee coaching, and healthy relationships with bosses and co-workers.

There is a material impact to having disengaged employees. Human resources professionals must manage their organizations with finesse, constantly looking for that optimal level workplace satisfaction which keeps employees motivated and engaged.

This article was originally posted on the blog. Editorial Comments: The Chinese Way of Employee Motivation

The “Art of War(孙子兵法)” states that “People can carry a boat, but can also overthrow it (民可载舟,亦可覆舟)”. Under this traditional mangement thinking the Chinese culture, it is key that decisions (compensation design, promotion decision and ect.) shall conform to the people’s willing to form cohesion. There are two major implications over this old saying:

People can carry a boat, if they are managed well;

but can also overthrow it, if they are not managed well.

Thus, it supports our above conclusion that the core of the employee motivation is “management”.

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