The mother’s two-year feet brushing woke the vegetative son

Vegetative recovered

2 years ago, Tang Xingqiao became a vegetative in a car accident, his mother is only 1.50 meters tall but insisted on taking care of the weighing 90 kilos son, every day, his mother brushed the soles of his feet until his recent recovery. 

March 23, 2011 was a black day for Tang Xingqiao. He encountered a car accident when driving his motorcycle on the way to a relative’s house. The car accident sustained serious head injuries. When he was sent to the hospital, he had been in a coma and became a vegetative.

Since then, the mother Wei Meiying waited at the side of the Tang Xingqiao. Every two or three hours she gave his son a turning of his body, squeezed his arm press the legs. To wake-up the “sleeping” son earlier, regardless whether he can hear or not, Wei Meiying talked to him once she had time.

After consulting a doctor, Wei Meiying learned that brushing the soles of the feet would stimulate the patient’s sensitive nerve, thus assists to speed up the process of wake from the vegetative state. So she got a brush, and brushed his son’s feet every day, almost a thousand times for each round! For the two years, Wei Meiying can not remember number of deserted brushes.

Hard work pays off! Not long ago, Tang Xingqiao finally woke up from a coma, and said “Mom”. Now the son has been able to walk slowly.

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