Most multimillionaires in China prefer investments, 90% have a strong sense of happiness

xu jiayin

The richest person in the Pearl River Delta, South China: Xu Jiayin (Founder of Hengda Real Estate)

Yesterday, the most recent Hurun Rich List · Pearl River Delta was revealed in Agile Fuchun Xi Yue Hui. The ranking indicates that the current major favorite investments among multimillionaires in China are real estate, stocks, special investments, in particular art works. 70% of the multimillionaires said they are collectors, with an average six years’ experience in collection. The top favourite collections are watches, ancient paintings, wine, jade, ceramics, contemporary art, courtyard, old houses, etc.; while Beijing multimillionaires prefer to buy courtyard for collection, Shanghai multimillionaires love old houses.

According to the report, the sleep time of the multimillionaires in China is 6.5 hours on average, 90% of them believe that they are happy, but the “happiness” ratio among the billionaires in China has started to decline. The top 3 happiest things for multimillionaires in life are: entrepreneurship, children and going to college.

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