More than 2,000 nests destroyed in a construction site in Zhengzhou




A 20 meters high cliff in Zhengzhou, Henan Province which was home to tens of thousands of swallows was destructed yesterday by a project construction team. It is learned previously the team has promised to start the destruction of the cliff after the grownup of the young swallows. Now due to deadline of the project, they chose to kill thousands of swallow babies.

A bird lover said that about 2,000 nests were destroyed, accounting for two-thirds of the total number, an estimated one thousand baby birds have been killed. The construction team said that they will start the action again after four days which means that another approximately 500 baby swallows will be killed soon.

Source: Dahe Post editorial comment: We urge strongly that the local government can intervene this issue as it is reported that the project is a government key project.

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