More than 1 year later, Guangxi Province disclosed the cadmium pollution incident handling

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Bureau on the 8th of June disclosed the information about the Long River cadmium pollution incident happened in January 2012 in Guangxi Province, and said that the incident was handled timely in scientific disposal and “is a miracle in the history of handling of cadmium pollution incidents.”

On January 20, 2012, media reported that heavy metals exceeded standard was found in Long River in Guangxi Province, and caused panic among residents downstream triggering panic purchase of bottled water. After extensive media coverage, the environmental protection department and local government had continually released pollution situation, level of cadmium pollution was first announced as three times of standard and later announced as 80 times of standard.


Source: ChinaNews (中国新闻网) editorial comment: It may not be appropriate for the environment department to announce the pollution case results one year later and claim the handling as a miracle.

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