Use of mobile phone may constitute “Crime of Endangering Public Safety” in China flights

According to the provisions of Article 88 of the Civil Aviation Law of the People’s Republic of China: “The use of radio and other instruments, devices by any individual or unit shall not impede the normal use of the civil aviation radio frequencies.” Under the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China Article 116, “The destruction of trains, cars, trams, boats, aircraft subversion, the destruction, dangerous with no serious consequences will be subject to three to ten years in prison”; The provisions of Article 119 of states that “Destruction of transport, transport facilities, electrical equipment, gas equipment, flammable and explosive devices, causing serious consequences will be subject to term imprisonment, life imprisonment or death penalty.” Thus the on plane using of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones which may cause overturning of the aircraft shall be deemed as illegal, and may constitute the crime of endangering public safety.

Source: Civil Aviation Adminstration of China (CAAC, 中国民用航空局)

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